Monday, 4 May 2015

Bank Holiday Outing....

- a little bit of gear porn, we all love it! -

After I caught up with all the paperwork and jobs ( which seemed to be never ending ), I managed to gather my fly boxes and headed towards the river. On arrival, things were looking less than hopeful........the river was up 4inches due to recent precipitation and slightly coloured.

- the tail of a pool sometimes holds good promise -

Just as I was about to head back home, in the corner of my eye I heard a rising fish. I clambered down the embankment and sat patiently.......A decent hatch of large dark olives and iron blues all intermingled causing a few more fish to start showing. Ended up with a few fish to hand and it was certainly better that twiddling my thumbs at home.

- a lovely brownie that couldn't resist a size 18 Iron Blue -  

- a victim of the recent spate -

Friday, 10 April 2015

Be aware of tails and glides at the end of pools

Don't just dive in.....use your eyes and ears
- A Large Dark Olive resting up-

-a decent fish rising to LDO's-

I see a lot of people clattering through the tails of pools to jump on a rising fish higher upstream. I would strongly suggest you think again on this approach.........

Lots of larger trout will sit in the tails off pools where there is lower resistance in the water. Think of it like a feeding lane, with all fly life coming down the foam lines, for trout to make easy pickings.

From the image below, you can see that using the faster water can create a good approach to rising fish. As anglers we need all the help we can get when tackling larger fish.

-The tail of long glides can harbour some large and hungry trout-

-sitting on a rising fish-

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Easter Hunt.....but not for eggs

A wild brown trout coming to the net....

Well yesterday started promising on one of my local rivers with good hatches of large dark olives littering the air. Sadly, so little seemed to be 'sticking' around on the surface. The tail end of this pool screamed fish and it wasn't long before we started to see fish moving for emerging duns. Once the fish were confident feeding, I made my move and was rewarded with this 1 1/4lb trout. Not a massive specimen but a bonny one at that. Thanks to Paul for the photos. 
(Photos courtesy of Paul Procter Fly Fish)

-Courtesy of Paul Procter Fly Fishing-

-Courtesy of Paul Procter Fly Fishing-

Sunday, 5 April 2015

My Local.......and I don't mean the pub!

Tried my local water today, River Kent, where I usually fish for salmon and sea trout at the back end of the season. I feel that most of these better known salmon/sea trout rivers are ignored for there wild brown trout potential. From today I have to say I under estimated its potential......with several 2lb+ fish to the net, I certainly cannot complain. One very decent fish (3lb+) snapped off as it dived for cover under a ledge. It certainly tested my Guideline​ reaction. Cant wait for my Fario CRS to arrive!!!!! A fish for another day I hope.

Saturday, 2 February 2013

River Tweed up and running

Well the Tweed season is underway!!!!!

Congratulations to Magnus Klintheim who caught the first springer of the season two years on the trot!!! The 7lb fish was caught from Lower Floors on a Garry dog fly.

Will water levels dropping all over, some good runs a fish should be caught.

- picture courtesy of FishTweed and Tweedside Tackle - 

Friday, 1 February 2013

New Gear for 2013

- Guideline Reaction.....all new for 2013 -
Something new for 2013...........should freshen things up slightly.

( Courtesy of )